Buy Laptops on Finance

Pay monthly or buy now and pay later on laptops and desktops

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Laptops on Credit

Need a new laptop? UK catalogues now offer flexible finance options on electricals including laptops, macbooks, imacs and desktops.

You can either spread the cost by paying weekly or monthly or even pay later.

How much Interest will I have to pay?

That depends on how quickly you want to pay it off. If you buy a Laptop on credit for a set fee per week you are given two options.

Option 1: You pay a small fee per week for a period of 3 years resulting in an interest rate of 34.9% APR.
Option 2: You pay off a slightly larger fee for a period of 52 weeks with 0% interest.

How long do I have to pay it off?

If you choose to pay off your credit in weekly installments, you can pick from the following periods:

20 weeks     →   0% APR
52 weeks     →   0% APR (items over £100)
104 weeks   →   34.9% APR (items over £50)
156 weeks   →   34.9% APR (items over £150)

Will they credit check me?

If you are looking to buy anything on finance, the fact is, you will always be credit checked. The good thing is home shopping catalogues tend to have higher acceptance rates than credit cards companies or mobile phone networks. This makes catalogues ideal for people with bad credit as it allows them to improve their credit rating if they get accepted. To find out more about where you can buy now and pay later on laptops, we recommend