Laptops are basically portable computers used on the move by all sorts of people for various purposes. The reason why laptops have become so popular is that everything on a desktop PC is integrated into just one component. They are easily portable because of their smaller size and compact features. Immediacy of obtaining information through easy connectivity through internet has made it an incredible invention. Laptops are classified into notebooks, tablets, and netbooks depending on its size and ease of use.

Laptops being very compact are usually priced higher because of the technology involved in making these machines. A number of laptop manufacturers having entered the market have had a considerable impact on bringing down the price of the laptop and making it more affordable. Yet, a large demography is still devoid of this privilege and as a result retailers have come up with a buy now pay later scheme. This scheme involves buying a laptop that the buyer needs with zero cost up front and making payments in weekly or monthly installments. There is an interest rate that will be applied after a certain period of time, but most places will not add the cost of interest if you pay off the laptop before the payment period is up.

Thus buy now pay later laptops have become a popular marketing strategy among the electronic goods retailers. Littlewoods is an online store which offers exclusive deals on the buy now pay later laptops. Laptops ranging from £300 -£1000 and major brands like HP, Dell, Acer and others fall under this scheme. Students who need laptops for educational purposes are greatly benefited by this scheme as they don’t have to worry about compromising the quality of a laptop because of its price.